Jethro Chan

Senior Software Developer


• ​Agile Methodologies
• ​Excellent Written, Verbal & Communication Skills
• ​Results Oriented Team Builder
• ​Critical & Analytical - Rules-Driven Solution Seeker
• Fluent across technical stacks and technical topics
• Led large projects, drafted design docs that delivered products time, in a complex codebase.
• Realistic grasp of challenges both technical and product related.

Technical Expertise

Languages: Python, Javascript (ES6), C/C++, Java, OOP
Backend: Django, Pyramid, RESTful API, GraphQL, Large Enterprise Systems
Front-End: ReactJS, Redux, React Native, BackboneJS, VueJS, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Material Design, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON, JWT Authentication
Build Tools: Webpack, Grunt
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Alembic
Platforms: Linux/Unix, MacOS, Windows, CLI
Applications: Pycharms, Visual Studios, Atom, Eclipse, Emacs, MS Office
Version Control: Git, SVN, Perforce
Others: Docker, Jenkins, Jira, Postman, UI Prototyping, Internationalization​ (I18N)

About Jethro

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Juniper Square with 6+ years of industry experience.

Primarily my focus and strengths are in full-stack and growth roles, specializing in backend web application api and front-end development.

My strongest skills are Python and its related Django & Pyramid MVC's on the back-end and Javascript (ES6) with React on the front-end. Having started building websites in raw HTML with static PHP CGI pages in 2011, I appreciate the organization of modern frameworks. Favorite UI libraries are Bootstrap and Material Design, both of which are rich in 3rd party libraries and are quick to iterate on. Day to day, my work involves deep dives across the stack from our SQL database level, to migrations, dev-ops, deployment, working closely with product and collaborating in front-end UI design.

Outside engineering, I am an avid hiker.


I am an alumnus of UC Davis, with a degree in Computer Science and Managerial Economics.


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